Bringing the decentralized Web together.

ConnectDNS launching 1st June

Your sites and services, anywhere.

ConnectDNS allows you to connect to your arkOS web services from anywhere in the world, with a dependable and secure backbone, if your server is behind a personal Internet connection with no static IP address. Use with your own domain or as a subdomain on a shared service.


Zero-knowledge encrypted backups.

A redundant online warehouse for saving your stuff: whether it's individual files, data from your services, or full system backups. Files are encrypted on your arkOS device before being stored for maximum security -- we couldn't open them even if we tried. Rest assured knowing you'll never lose what's important to you.


Dependable transport, secure storage.

Combine the advantages of decentralized mail storage with the dependability of a hosted mail service. ConnectMail securely transports incoming and outgoing mail from your arkOS device to the greater Internet. Mail is stored on your device, under your control, and there is no need to worry about port blockages or downtime. Use with your own domain or add accounts to a shared service.

Link launching 1st June

Secure tunnels made dead simple.

Sometimes not even a dynamic DNS service will cut it — you need to tunnel your service connections to the Web. Link (provided by ngrok) provides a secure and powerful way to do just this, bypassing service or port restrictions on your local network. You can even use your own domain to securely create these tunnels with your own name and SSL certificates.

Domains and SSL/TLS

Seamless assignment and security.

Register your domain with us from inside your arkOS device, and instantly have it assigned to your services. Or purchase a trusted SSL certificate from us and get it ready to use on your device in a snap. Fits together with ConnectDNS, ConnectMail and Link for easy access to your services from anywhere.

Mix and match your services:


Unlimited sites and usage

Use your own domain or choose from arkOS-branded subdomains


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Backups for your arkOS server and/or home computer

100GB Storage


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4 mailboxes OR unlimited boxes on your own domain

10GB Transfer per month


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Unlimited sites and tunnels for HTTP/HTTPS services

10GB Transfer per month


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Why use arkOS Connect?

Enhance your decentralized experience.

Certain home users of arkOS will notice that their Internet Service Provider (ISP) doesn't allow them to obtain a static IP address, a mandatory part of hosting services online. What's worse, they may be prohibited from running certain services like mail servers. arkOS Connect is designed to help users affected by these limitations still enjoy the myriad benefits of "owning your own data" and hosting your services from home.

Support the development of arkOS.

arkOS is an open-source software project, and a member of CitizenWeb, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing the ideals of a decentralized Internet. Using arkOS Connect services provides a nominal amount of revenue for the Project's operations. Since using arkOS is free (and always will be), we hope that offering these services to those who need them will help us continue to be independent and to work only for our users' best interests.